How Long Will It Take?

Everyone always asks how long their renovation/remodeling/redesign is going to take. Of course, it’s one of the three key questions everyone should ask (along with questions about scope and budget). The answer to this one is always answerable to an individual client—but how do we answer the question in a general sense… in a blog… Continue Reading

Design Consultations: 7 Reasons to Schedule a Design Consultation Before Your Renovation

Design Consultations: 7 Reasons to Schedule a Design Consultation Before Your Renovation As you know, renovating your apartment is a big decision—or, truthfully, it’s many big decisions. And most of our clients struggle to come up with answers about schedule, scope and budget well before reaching out to us for help. However, one of the reasons we… Continue Reading

Finding a Designer: Experience Match

You stand in your apartment and look around…. It’s rough around the edges, it doesn’t really meet your needs, and it doesn’t reflect who you are—at least not the image you want to project. You need a professional…but who? Part II of our series “Finding a Designer” is Experience Match.

Finding a Designer: Style Match

The thought of looking for designer can be intimidating. Where do you look? How can you be assured of a good job? As part of our series “Finding a Designer” this entry will explore the most daunting component of securing a great designer: Style Match.